Common EXE Errors
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What Is An EXE File?

An .exe file is an executable application, meaning that you can execute it, or (in plainer terms) do something with it.

Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of software programs that you download will come as .exe applications, and all you need to do is download the file, and double click it on your PC’s desktop.

This simple double-click action will then run the program itself, and often begins the program installation process.

The humble .exe file is so popular because it is so simple for both the designer to create and for the end-user to use.

This popularity comes at a price, however, as the proliferation of thousands of .exe files means that many of the most common errors you are ever likely to encounter when using your PC day-to-day are probably going to be .exe errors.

There is no doubt that .exe errors are as common as they are as a direct result of the file format’s popularity.

All .exe files are elegantly compact and provide a tremendously convenient method of installing even the largest programs onto any PC.

Safe to say that the modern PC user would have difficulty working with their machines on a daily basis without the use of the .exe file.

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Some Common EXE Errors

No doubt you’ve had .exe Error messages pop-up on your PC from time to time.

Maybe you’ve had your machine tell you that “IExplorer.exe has generated an error?”

How about “"Cannot find C:\windows\userint32.exe.” when you go to start your PC first thing in the morning?

What about “c:\windows\caxchg.exe. The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction” again on start-up?

All of these and many, any more are exactly the sort of common .exe file errors that we have all seen from time to time.

Now, no doubt that some programs do seem to be more prone to .exe file errors than others, and again, this should come as no surprise.

For example, Internet Explorer is your PC’s ‘front line’ when it comes to gathering information from the world via the internet, and, as such, it should be obvious that IE is likely to suffer from its fair share of .exe file problems.

These problems are, in fact, exacerbated by the fact that IE will accept a huge number of ‘add-on’ .exe applications that, once accepted, actually become a de facto part of the IE system.

So, when an error occurs with any of these ‘add-ons’, it will appear as if the .exe error is actually in an original IE element itself, rather than in an add-ion.

It therefore can become pretty confusing at times finding exactly what the real problem actually is, and where that problem .exe or .dll file might be located.

The major problem is that you have little or no control over these add-ons, since many of them will be added to IE on your machine without your knowledge.

Indeed, in the case of some of the all too common spyware programs that arrive on your PC in the guise of such ‘silent’ add-ons, it could not be any other way! After all, who would voluntarily download spyware onto their own PC?

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Some Simple EXE Errors Fixes

When it comes to fixing the more common .exe errors, there are really only two sensible choices when looking at repairing the errors that arise.

First, if you search Microsoft’s own website, you will find help pages that give detailed step-by-step solutions to many of the more common .exe errors.

The problem is that, firstly, most of these step by step solutions are not that easy to use, and often complicated and time consuming too. Second, the chances are that most people are just not that interested in following such a detailed process every time they see an .exe error pop up.

Indeed, they may be sensible and knowledgeable enough to know that messing around with the Registry of their machines can be a very dangerous thing to do, such actions often causing far more problems than they actually solve.

So, yes, you can do it by following Microsoft’s instructions, but it is likely to be tedious, time consuming, and very possibly dangerous to go down this route.

Option two when it comes to fixing the most common.exe errors is to use the correct tools for the job by running a free deep system scan with a professional, aware winning Registry cleaner like Error Repair .

Then, once it has checked your system and highlighted all of the problems that there are on your PC, use Error Repair to fix them quickly, efficiently and completely.

The fact is that, as long as we continue to use PC’s, we will have to endure .exe file errors from time to time.

Using a program like Error Repair on a regular basis will minimize such problems, and ensure that using your PC causes you the least stress, and brings the most satisfaction and pleasure.

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