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What Is dwhwized.exe?

The dwhwizrd.exe executable file is one that is specifically related to both Norton and Symantec Antivirus software programs.

In particular, it handles the download and installation of the latest virus definitions for either or both of these programs.

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Common And Uncommon dwhwizrd .exe Errors

There are many different messages that may be seen that could indicate a dwhwizrd.exe error.

Unfortunately, and somewhat confusingly, not all of these error messages will specifically mention that they are related to, and perhaps caused by, a malfunctioning dwhwizard.exe file

For example, one error message that would probably be caused by exactly such a malfunction would read:

"The instruction at "0x51428c89" referenced memory at "0x51428c89". The memory could not be "read". Click OK to terminate the program. Click Cancel to debug the program."

Other error messages will be significantly more helpful, as they WILL mention the fact that it is the dwhwizard.exe that is at fault:

“DWHWIZRD.EXE - Application Error: The instruction at "0x5142e0f8" referenced memory at "0x5142e0f8". The memory could not be "read".”

So, some messages are very clear that they are dwhwizrd related, and others are not.

However, one thing that seems to be a fairly common feature of almost all of these errors is that the majority only seem to occur, or at least come to light, when the Norton or Symantec AV program is actually attempting to download the updated virus definitions.

So, when an unknown error message pops-up to indicate that there is an error that you do not recognize, check whether your Norton or Symantec AV is currently updating.

Remember too that many such AV programs will default to update automatically when your PC is first switched on.

Look for the appropriate on-screen icon to indicate that the download has been initiated or has started, and if an unknown error occurs that you suspect might be related, then simply cancel the download and see if the error goes away.

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Repair dwhwizrd.exe Errors

The first thing to do when errors occur that you believe to be linked to the dwhwizard executable file is to simply stop any download that is in progress, as highlighted above.

You can then refresh your internet browser to see whether the error message still shows.

If not, you could try to start the download once again, to ascertain whether that prompts the error to re-appear.

If it does happen again, it’s a nuisance, but at least you know for certain what caused the problem. If it does not re-occur, then it is very possible that the error message may not be dwhwizard related at all.

The next thing that you could try would be uninstalling and re-installing the Norton or Symantec programs, as this will often solve the problem by resetting everything back to the original ‘factory default’ settings.

Next, try checking the edition of the software that you are currently using, and see whether there are any downloadable updates available.

It was certainly the case that some older versions of the Symantec AV program (version 8, for example) seemed to have many more dwhwizard.exe problems than the latest versions do.

If all of that fails, then you are going to need to look a lot deeper inside your PC’s registry to find out exactly what is going on, and the only practical way of doing that is by using a free Registry scan program like Error Repair.

Of course, it may be possible to locate the problems within the Operating Systems registry manually, by searching through the system files themselves, but that is not really a very sensible option.

Not only would it be quite a complicated operation, requiring a good degree of technical know-how, but it would also be very time consuming as well.

And, as they say, time is money!

Plus there would be a very real risk that, without knowing exactly what you are doing 110% of the way, it would be very, very easy to cause serious damage to the Registry in your vain attempts to fix it, so that it can sometimes become completely unusable!

Far, far better, if you suspect that there is a dwhwizard.exe error, that you use a proper scanning tool like Error Repair to, firstly, isolate the problem and, secondly, to fix it without wasting time, effort and money in doing so!

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