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The Dreaded EXE Error

Do you ever download software programs from the internet?

If you do, then maybe you’ve noticed that, whilst some sites offer you a choice of download format, basically what you will always end up with, last step before you install the program onto your PC, is an .exe file.

Most of the time – maybe you could say, almost always – the .exe file that you download will do exactly the job that it was supposed to do, that is, install the programs that you wanted to install.

Unfortunately, however, .exe files will sometimes go wrong, and this article is about how this happens, why this happens, and (most importantly) what you can do about addressing and solving any .exe errors that you need to fix.

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How Will I Know An EXE File Needs Fixing?

There could be a few scenarios where an .exe file might need to be fixed.

Imagine that you downloaded a new .exe application file that you wanted to use to install a software program on your PC very recently. If it did not work, well then, you’d just go and download the same file again.

If, however, that was an old .exe file that was no longer available for download, then you couldn’t do this.

Perhaps it’s an older version software that has since been updated several times but you still prefer the old version (I have quite a few programs exactly like this, incidentally!).

The old .exe application is damaged, thus, you need to fix it before you can re-install the program.

Maybe you actually paid for a software download, have the original bought .exe file on your hard drive, and need to do a re-install.

Again, if the .exe file is damaged, then you will need to repair it in order to use it, unless you decide to buy another copy, of course.

Another situation where you might want to use an old .exe file would be where you got the original software download for free, but now it is only available for a price.

This is more common than you may think.

Often, a new program will be released onto the market either as a ‘beta’ test product or as the finished article, in order to get as many people on board to promote the product as possible.

Once the necessary critical mass is reached, then the free offer ends, and the sales campaign begins.

Again, you have an .exe file that you may want to use again at some time in the future, and you want to make sure that it works properly. If it doesn’t, then you will need to fix it.

Basically, in any situation where you cannot get a new copy of the .exe application file or folder that you want to install, then you will need to use the old one. If it’s damaged or corrupted, you’ll need to repair it before you can do so.

So, why do .exe files and folders go wrong?

Well, one reason is that .exe files use what are known as Dynamic Link Libraries or .dll files in order to function and do their job properly.

Over time, it is likely that many of these .dll’s, which are generally used by several different programs, will have been updated by other programs, and your old .exe file simply cannot use the new .dll.

Maybe you have downloaded some other new software programs or applications that are in conflict with the older .exe file that you now want to use again.

Maybe you even have a brand new .exe file that you downloaded only a couple of days ago that is in exactly this kind of conflict situation, so that you cannot use it, despite it being brand new!

Again, you need to repair the .exe file before you can use it.

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Repair EXE Files

Unless you really know what you are doing, it is never advisable for anyone to start playing around with the Registry of their PC.  

Simply put, if you mess up the Registry and the operating system of your computer, then the whole Windows shooting match can just simply cease to function - entirely.

What was a viable PC a few minutes ago is now nothing more than a lifeless lump of plastic and metal sitting on your desk. It really can be that serious to start trying to ‘fix’ registry problems if you don’t know what to do.

The best answer when making any kind of repairs to any part of the Registry and the Windows operating system of your PC is to use a proper professional Registry cleaning software program, something like the award winning Error Repair.

Firstly, you can use the program to run a complete deep system scan of your PC entirely free, in order to locate and isolate all of the problems that you have within the Registry files and folders of the Windows operating system.

This would include any and all damaged or corrupted .exe applications, as well as any .dll files that might be associated with those .exe folders.

Them you can simply use Error Repair to fix all of the .exe errors that it has already highlighted in less than five minutes, in a safe and stable manner.

Basically, it is nothing more than using the correct tools for the job.

Error Repair is safe, effective and quick, and will have all of your damaged .exe files back in great shape in no time at all.

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