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What In The World Is iexplore.exe?

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of many alternative web browsers, particularly over the last couple of years, as I write this Microsoft are still the ‘kings’ of browsers with their Internet Explorer program.

And, given the millions of people worldwide who log onto the Internet every day, this makes IE (as it is more commonly known) one of the worlds most popular software programs.

Like all other programs that you have installed on your PC, IE relies on a collection of Executable files, more commonly called .exe files, in order to function.

The most important of these .exe files as far as IE is concerned is the iexplore.exe application, which basically lends the browser most of its functionality.

Whoever and wherever you may be, there is one thing that can be said about anyone who uses the internet.

That is, whenever you do so, it does not matter what type of browser you are using, or how you connect to the internet, by going out onto the World Wide Web to seek information, you open up your PC to the world.

Thus, your web browser is effectively your ‘front door’ to the outside world.

It can therefore become damaged in many, many different ways, and possibly cease to function as a direct result of this damage.

Similarly, the iexplore.exe application file that drives Internet Explorer can become damaged too, and this article will seek to highlight some more common iexplore.exe errors, and how to deal with them both quickly and efficiently.

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Some Common iexplore.exe Errors

The first thing to understand about IE is that it was designed by Microsoft to be extendable.

What this means is that it is built to accept the ‘add-ons’ that many applications and programs that you visit on the net will try to install onto your system.

In the vast majority of cases, this will be no problem, as most of the add-ons that are loaded onto your machine in this fashion will be benign.

For example, every time you view a website that is in any way dynamic, it will load a snippet of code onto your machine so that the site displays correctly.

In all likelihood, in this case, there is no harm done.

However, this is also how the majority of spyware, adware and malware programs end up on your machine as well.

And, of course, the fact is that, in either example above, the chances are that you have absolutely no idea that the site you just visited installed an add-on into Internet Explorer!

Furthermore, most add-ons, once they are installed into IE become a de facto part of the IE system too!

So, it would be quite common to have your PC flash up an error message telling you that there is an .exe file problem within IE when there is, in fact, nothing of the sort.

Despite the fact that your machine is adamant that there is an iexplore.exe problem, for example, there is, in fact, a problem with an add-on, rather than with this key .exe file.

This is definitely not to say that all such iexplore.exe error ‘flags’ are false.

Many PC users, particularly regular gamers and those who work with multi-media applications will want to install and run many independent software applications to either help them with their work, or otherwise enhance their online experience.

Still other people are serial downloader’s and installers – and almost as regularly these same people are mass uninstallers too!

Thus, Internet Explorer is a very, very hard working application for many people, and for this reason alone, IE and the underlying iexplore .exe application will inevitably suffer errors and problems.

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Are All iexplore.exe Errors Bogus?

Most people want their internet surfing experience to be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible.

This mean that not only do they want everything to happen at the speed of light, but they are also likely to download masses of third party software, add-on’s and so on, all of which they believe will further enhance their online experience.

Many people will install programs, and then uninstall them almost daily, especially people who are using their PC mainly for leisure, such as regular gamers.

It is not an unfair therefore to suggest that IE is a very, very hard worked program on most people s PC’s! 

For this reason alone, IE and the underlying iexplore .exe program will inevitably suffer errors and problems.

All such occurrences are definitely not bogus!

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How To Fix iexplore.exe

Go out and search in your favorite search engine for a fix for iexplore.exe errors and you will find some wonderfully detailed explanations of exactly how to affect the necessary repairs yourself.

In fact, there are hundreds of websites and forums all over the net that do little else but provide detailed technical answers to questions exactly like this one.

Even Microsoft themselves provide hundreds of ‘help’ pages on their website, once again giveing detailed techie answers to just about every question that anyone has ever managed to think up, relating to ever facet of the Windows operating system (in all its different guises).

So, there is plenty of guidance available, should you want to attempt to fix iexplore.exe errors yourself.

The problem is that affecting such repairs yourself is likely to waste an awful lot of time, as well as being a little tedious for those who are less technically inclined. Plus, there is absolutely no guarantee at all that any DIY repairs will actually work!

Indeed, there would be a suggestion that, unless you are very certain that you know exactly what you are doing, you should never tamper with the registry of your PC!

Far better in both my opinion and experience is to invest in getting the proper tools for doing the job!

Firstly, you should run a free Registry scan using a professional level system scanning tool like Error Repair.

Such a scan should take no more than five minutes to complete, and will highlight and isolate every single problem that you have hidden in the Registry of the Windows system on your machine.

You then simply apply the Error Repair tool to fix all of the errors and faults that it ha found, including any and all iexplore.exe errors.

Like the fault finding scan, the fixing operation should take less than five minutes.

So, your choice is, either take several hours (or perhaps even a few days) to attempt to fix iexplore.exe errors manually, without any guarantee of success, or to use an award winning tool like Error Repair to do the job, start to finish, in around ten minutes

It’s a difficult choice... I don’t think so!

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