Fix svchost EXE Errors
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What Is svchost.exe?

As the name might suggest, the svchost.exe applications in the Registry of your Windows operating system relate to what Microsoft refer to as a "Service Host".

This in turn, relates to what are known as "services", programs that run in the background on your PC that are not necessarily directly associated with anything being done by whoever is using the machine.

These services are implemented and actioned by Dynamic Link Libraries, or .dll files, rather than as stand-alone executable (.exe) files.

But such .dll files cannot run on their own – they need to be called into action by a running program before they can actually do anything.

That’s the job of the svchost program and the underlying svchost.exe file.

It's a standalone application whose only purpose is to execute services that are initially implemented in the .dll’s.

Now, the way that Windows is structured, different tasks are performed by different services, which are driven by different .dll’s which are themselves ‘kick started’ by different svchost.exe files.

Thus, at any given time, it is likely that you will have several different svchost.exe files operating on your PC at exactly the same moment.

Furthermore, not all of these svchost.exe applications will be doing the same amount of work as one another either; with some far busier than others, dependent on what your PC is doing at any given moment.

Given, therefore, that there can be several different svchost.exe files running at the same time, all doing different jobs with different workloads, the potential for errors and problems with svchost.exe is probably quite clear!

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Some svchost.exe Facts

The very first thing that you should be aware of when you see an svchost.exe error message is that this particular .exe application is an absolutely favorite for virus programs to attack.

In fact, Windows XP at one point had some very serious vulnerability issues as far as svchost.exe was concerned, so much so that Symantec were listing nearly 60 viruses that could attack svchost.exe in XP!

Most of those vulnerabilities have long since been patched by Microsoft, but nevertheless, whenever you see a svchost.exe error message, you must make sure that you run a full virus scan, just in case!

Keep an eye on how much of your PC’s CPU is being used by svchost.exe files at any given time, too! (in XP, use Alt, Ctrl & Del buttons together to bring up the Task Manager, and check in the ‘Processes’ window).

A virus can often make itself known by using 100% of your CPU even when nothing else is happening with your machine.

Other than that, the kind of problems and errors that you will suffer with svchost.exe will be like those suffered by most .exe files from time to time.

There will be occasions when you have several svchost.exe applications running at the same time, and a couple of them will be fighting for the same memory space, for example. The result is a conflict that means neither svchost.exe application actually achieves its objectives.

The svchost.exe application will become damaged and corrupted, by the installation and removal of programs shifting around and removing the underlying ‘dll files (especially bearing in mind that svchost.exe works with such .dll files all of the time).

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Repair svchost.exe Error

The first thing to do when trying to locate and fix svchost.exe errors is to decide what has caused the errors in the first place.

As soon as a svchost.exe error message flashes up, you should consider other factors (CPU usage, for example) that might indicate a virus.

Check it, using your existing AV software or if you don't have AV software you can acquire it here.

If the problem is not a virus, then you can search the net for a manual solution from one of the many, many excellent techie websites and forms that are available, or indeed, from Microsoft’s own website help pages.

These sites will probably be able to enlighten you with detailed step-by-step solutions to any and every possible svchost.exe error, and no doubt, if you follow the instructions to the letter, it may well work.

But, there is really no guarantee that it will, and you could really waste an awful lot of time and effort trying to fix svhost.exe errors in this way.

It is far simpler, quicker and more efficient to use a tool that is specifically designed to fix exactly such problems with the minimum amount of effort and wasted time.

Firstly, run a free Registry scan at Error Repair, which, in less than five minutes, will highlight each and every problem that your PC has with the Windows Registry.

Then, in just about the same time as it took to run the initial scan, use Error Repair to fix all of the problems in a way that you know will be both comprehensive and effective.

Trying to fix svchost.exe errors manually is like trying to re-invent the wheel.

And, like the wheel, that is utterly pointless!

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