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What Is iexplore.exe?

iexplore.exe is the executable application that drives one of the most popular pieces of software in the World, Microsoft’s own web browser, Internet Explorer.

Despite the rise in popularity of alternative web browsers, such as Firefox over the last few years, Internet Explorer, or IE as it is more commonly known, is still the majority browser of choice.

Thus, the number of people who suffer iexplore.exe errors is very large too.

For this reason, you need to recognize some of the more common iexplore.exe problems, and what to do about them.

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How Do I Look For iexplore.exe Errors?

The first thing to appreciate is that when Windows flashes up the message telling you that there has been an iexplore .exe error, sometimes there is nothing of the sort!

This is because IE had been built by Microsoft to be easily extendable, with software programs and modules written by independent third parties being integratable into IE both simply and effectively.

For example, the Big 3 search engine operators - Google, Yahoo and MSN – all offer software programs as free downloads that will integrate into IE as a ‘toolbar’, making it easier to use that particular search engine.

Such ‘add-on’ programs do extend the usability of IE, and are convenient, but they also add another possible source of problems as well.

And, as often as not, if such an add-on program suffers some form of problem, it will show up as an iexplore.exe error, or the standard Microsoft error window will pop-up, pointing the finger of blame at IE!

Then there is the ever present problem of spyware, adware and other forms of malware, programs that are often downloaded onto your PC attached to another, perhaps legitimate program.

These can also show up as IE and iexplore.exe errors as well.

Yet another potential source of iexplore.exe error messages are small programs that many websites will load onto your PC called ActiveX.

This is a technology invented by Microsoft a few years ago that allows code to be downloaded from sites that you’ve surfed and then executed within IE on your machine.

Thus, it again appears to be a ‘part’ of IE, and any errors that occur within an ActiveX module will likely show up as an iexplore.exe error.

ActiveX codes are another happy hunting ground for spyware and adware too, so this could be the cause of the error as well.

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Are All iexplore.exe Errors Bogus?

Most people want their internet surfing experience to be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible.

This mean that not only do they want everything to happen at the speed of light, but they are also likely to download masses of third party software, add-on’s and so on, all of which they believe will further enhance their online experience.

Many people will install programs, and then uninstall them almost daily, especially people who are using their PC mainly for leisure, such as regular gamers.

It is not an unfair therefore to suggest that IE is a very, very hard worked program on most people s PC’s! 

For this reason alone, IE and the underlying iexplore .exe program will inevitably suffer errors and problems.

All such occurrences are definitely not bogus!

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Repair EXE Files

With so many potential reasons for an IE error showing up, the first steps towards finding the culprit would be to run the standard security checks for spyware and adware.

Then, run a virus scan check.

Again, downloading and installing independent third party software and add-on modules will leave you open to these kinds of infections as well.

It pretty much goes without saying, of course, that anything found by any of these scans should be removed from your machine.

Whatever the situation, remove anything that shouldn’t be thee that is found, even if it is only the potentially harmless ‘gray ware’.

Then, it makes sense to run a full registry check using a program like Error Repair, as this will not only highlight any problems and potential problems within IE, but all other Windows Operating systems trouble areas as well.

Realistically, with so many potential sources of error within IE, it is simply not possible for anyone but a highly qualified professional to isolate and deal with iexplore.exe errors manually.

Use the correct tools for the job, and you can be confidently assured that your IE problems will be dealt with properly.

A program like Error Repair is simply the most appropriate tool for the job, period!

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