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What Is mediahub.exe?

mediahub.exe is one of the application programs that is a part of the Sonic DigitalMedia LE v7 program that often comes as a pre-installed audio-video program on many leading brands of PC.

Dell, for example, pre-installs this program into their new desktop and laptop machines.

Mediahub.exe is also a part of many of the audio-video products of a sister company, Roxio, and once again, this is another company whose products are used by many PC manufacturers as a standard pre-installed program.

Acer use Roxio, as do several other PC manufacturers.

Thus, between them, Sonic and Roxio have a substantial chunk of the market sewn-up as far as pre-installed audio and video programs shipped with new PC’s are concerned.

It could therefore be very important to you some day soon that you know all about the major mediahub.exe errors, why they arise and what you can do about them.

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Some Common mediahub.exe Errors

Both Sonic and Roxio’s software programs are principally DVD (and CD) burners, and so most of the mediahub.exe errors that will be seen will occur either during or after the burning process.

Often, of course, these errors would be expected to cut this burning process prematurely short.

It seems that the most common problems are twofold.

First, may people see a ‘triplicate error’ message when trying to burn DVD’s using the Sonic program, as follows:

Mediahub.exe - Application Error
The exception integer division by zero (0xc0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x0036b8ad
Click OK to terminate the program

Mediahub.exe. - Application Error
The instruction at "0x1297c331" referenced memory at "0x05e8016a" the memory could not be "read"
Click OK to terminate the program

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library
Runtime Error!
Program\files\sonic shared\sonic central\Main\Mediahub.exe\
-pure virtual function call

Some commentators and moderators at many of the leading forums have suggested that this problem may be caused by an incompatibility problem with McAfee Antivirus products, which will allegedly try to block the mediahub.exe application.

But there does not actually seem to be any concrete (or even particularly convincing) proof for this theory from what I saw in my own research.

So, this is a problem that no-one seems to have discovered a specific solution for as yet.

The second problem is actually more likely to impact a far greater number of people.

That is, the Roxio and Sonic products that contain the mediahub.exe application that are highlighted in this article just do not like Windows Media Player 11!

In fact, even the people at Sonic themselves admit that their program will not work properly with WMP11.

Common problems that you might see is not being able to exit the burner after it completes your DVD, or perhaps a burner that simply crashes, with multiple error messages half way through the burning process.

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Repair mediahub.exe Error

Dealing with the two problems highlighted in the last section in reverse order, according to the people at Sonic, the only way to solve the incompatibility problem with WMP is to uninstall it, and roll back to using WMP10!

Of course, the alternative answer would be to change to another DVD burner, but, surprisingly enough, the people at Sonic did not bring that suggestion up!

The other problem that was highlighted above, that of the multiple mediahub.exe error messages, given that there is no specific solution recommended by either Roxio or Sonic; I would strongly suggest that your best bet would be to clean up the whole of the Registry of your computer using a high quality Registry cleaner tool like Error Repair.

Such a program is obviously designed to find and isolate al of the problems that are lurking inside the constituent parts of the Windows operating system of your PC, and there is little doubt that these mediahub.exe errors would fall very squarely into that category.

And running an initial scan is entirely free, so it certainly cannot hurt to try it.

Simply click this link: Error Repair and run the free scan.

Then you can see what problems are brought to light, and use the Error Repair program to clean up your registry if you problems or potential problems are severe enough to warrant it.

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