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What Is setup.exe?

setup.exe is, as the name might imply, a setup application for many different programs, such as the Office suite of programs for your Windows driven PC.

Whilst a piece of software is installing this process will be active.

Whilst it is not a critical application, nevertheless, it should not be manually terminated unless it has crashed for a considerable amount of time.

When a particular program is being installed onto your PC, there are often many different constituent components that go together to make up the whole.

For example, with the Office program suite, there would be Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and so on.

Thus, the setup.exe application will operate on a step-by-step basis, with each component being installed and activated in turn.

This obviously presents a myriad range of opportunities for things to go wrong!

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Why Do setup.exe Errors Occur?

The first reason would be as highlighted above, that the setting up of most programs that you are likely to install onto your PC is not going to be a simple, one-step process.

The more tasks that an application has to undertake, the more involved the overall ‘job’ that the application has to do is, and thus, the more chance there is that it might go wrong somewhere along the line!

Like all other applications that are part of the overall Windows operating system on your PC, an application like setup.exe relies on small snippets of code called Dynamic Links Libraries or .dll’s to operate properly, and sometimes, these .dll files become corrupted, unreadable or are even removed from the O/S all together!

Unfortunately, this is a common repercussion of uninstalling programs or applications from your PC, as the removed folders either seek to disable the .dll files that they leave behind, or they just remove them entirely.

Such .dll files will generally be used by a wide range of different programs and applications to perform a task that is common to all of them so if such a .dll file is either removed or corrupted then the programs that are left behind simply cannot operate properly.

Sometimes independent third party software programs and applications that are downloaded onto your PC will conflict either with existing programs that you are using, or with other similar programs.

When Windows seeks to install any program, it often uses an installer tool called InstallShield.

One way that InstallShield does this is using a method known as InstallScript which uses an event-based script and is built into setup.exe executables.

This is yet another area of the setup process where setup .exe can potentially go wrong.

The net result of all these potential problems areas when applied to the setup.exe application is likely to be the same, that is, whatever it is that you are trying to install and setup for use will not work.

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Repair setup.exe Error

The very first thing to do when you encounter a setup .exe error is to make sure that you have switched off your Antivirus software, as well as any Firewall program that you might be using.

Both AV programs and Firewalls are specifically designed to stop malicious intruders from getting into the operating system of your machine, and installing programs that the AV is not familiar with will often raise a red flag.

The program is therefore prone to just stop the setup in its tracks.

Next thing that you can do is check back on your most recent installs and uninstalls.

Perhaps something that you have done here has changed or modified the .dll setup on your machine in such a way that the setup .exe application can no longer find everything that it needs to run properly.

You may want to check in the Event Viewer of your PC which is where Windows keeps logs about program, security, and system events on your computer. Here you can view and manage software problems, and monitor Windows security events, so you may find what the error is here. (if you run XP, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer).

If all of this fails or if, indeed, if it sounds that it might be a lot of time and effort expended (which it may well be!) then the simplest, quickest and most efficient solution to he problem would be to run a full system Registry scan sing a free tool like Error Repair.

Such a program will analyze the whole of your Windows registry I less than five minutes, and then give you a detailed listing of all the problems that already exist in the O/S of you PC, as well as many pointers about future potential trouble spots.

You can then use Error Repair to solve all of the problems for you, and save yourself masses of wasted time and effort (and time is money, after all!)

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