Description: spoolsv.exe is a Microsoft Windows system executable which handles the printing process. In particular, the spooler service looks after and is responsible for managing all the spooled print and fax jobs that your PC creates.

Although it is a print spooling application, it is also extremely easily targeted by spyware & adware programs as well as worms and Trojans. The genuine executable program file will be found only in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

In any other case or situation, especially where a file named spoolsv.exe exists in another folder, it is a virus, spyware, Trojan or worm!

Look for situations where the spoolsv.exe file is apparently using 50-100% of your CPU at any one time. This would be a sure-fire sign of some form of infection, and would necessitate a removal and re-installation of the application.

Possible Issues: Any problems that might occur with spoolsv.exe are generally repaired by running a registry scan and/or spyware and trojan scan..

Recommendation: Run a free scan with Error Repair & XoftSpySE to see if problems or trojans are present. Error Repair & XoftSpySE will scan and rid your PC of errors and trojans leaving it fully optimized, clean and at peak performance.

*We Recommend You Scan Your System To Repair spoolsv.exe

The free scan will:

- Locate & Fix Problematic EXE Files
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