Winlogon EXE Error
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What Is Winlogon?

Computers have got to be one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind.

They are without any shadow of a doubt one of the most convenient and useful business tools ever thought up by anyone, and it would quite honestly be very difficult for many people to do their job properly without their laptop.

Unfortunately, as well as being convenient, they are also extremely dangerous too!

Most of us store reams of personal and private information on our computers, and woe betides anyone who loses their machine if this is the case!

Thus, most people will password-protect the logon procedure involved in accessing their computer, which is where the winlogon.exe application file comes into the picture.

Winlogon.exe is the process application file that drives the step-by-step processes involved in logging onto your machine. It effectively controls everything to do with the login and logout procedures on your system.

When you click on a user name after boot up, or enter a user name and password, that's winlogon.exe doing its job. It also handles logging off and a number of other things, but suffice to say that the name of this particular executable application file does a remarkably good job of telling you exactly what its primary function actually is!

Thus, it follows from this that, should anything go wrong with the winlogon.exe file, then it could make your life very difficult indeed!

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Some Common Winlogon.exe Errors

winlogon.exe is responsible for loading the user profile on logon, and sometimes locking the computer when a screensaver is running. The actual obtaining and verification of user credentials is left to other components within the initial boot-up and logon processes.

Whilst the process should always run in the background unseen by the user, nevertheless, winlogon.exe errors are generally easy to spot.

If, for example your PC asks for a password when such a password has never been used before, this might suggest a winlogon.exe error.

Similarly, if the normally smooth logon process freezes or crashes, this again would suggest a possible winlogon.exe error.

Winlogon.exe is always present on your machine and there may well be several copies in your Registry too.

Indeed, given the nature of the Windows Updater, there may be several copies of winlogon.exe that are all perfectly valid (and virus free), and possibly they will not even all be the same version.

Thus, there is a clear potential for conflict to arise between various different versions of the winlogon.exe files, all perhaps stored in and operating from different places within your Registry.

It also stands to reason that the more often the (Windows) Updater actually alters the files when making updates, the more potential there is for the winlogon.exe files that are being updated to become corrupted or damaged.

Finally, as a PC user there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than a machine that will not boot-up or allow you to logon. If you are anything like me, you will start pressing buttons all over the keyboard, pointing and clicking the mouse almost at random, in a somewhat desperate attempt to get your PC to work, when this happens.

All of this activity is not only a total waste of time, but unfortunately also more than likely to make any winlogon.exe errors many time worse than they already were!

There’s no sense in me saying ‘Don’t do it’, because you already know that!

Just be aware that you could make things far more difficult, rather than better, with your impatience!

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Repair Winlogon EXE Errors

Because it is the key initial access point to your PC, the winlogon.exe file is a favorite target of viruses, Trojans and malware.

So, should the logon process on your machine slow down to half the speed of an asthmatic ant on a square wheeled bicycle, you should run a full AV scan when your machine does eventually return to life!

However, assuming that your problem is less to do with a virus and more about a damaged or corrupted file within the Windows Registry, how should you go about finding and then solving the problem?

The answer is really dependent on just how difficult you want your life to be.

First, there is the difficult solution. This is, search on the net until you find a website or forum that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to find winlogin.exe errors, and then how to repair tem.

Follow these instructions to the letter. Prepare to spend many ‘challenging' hours of often tedious and boring work, attempting to instigate a solution that someone on the internet says will work!

In the best case scenario, after many hours (or perhaps a few days) of labor, you will solve the problem, and everything will work properly again. Well done!

In the worst case scenario (which is, of course, by far the more common) you will get absolutely nowhere and, after wasting a substantial chunk of your life going around in aimless circles, will have to revert to the easy solution anyway!

The easy solution being using the proper tools for the job.

If you suspect a Registry problem, first run a scan using an aware winning proprietary tool like Error Repair. This free scan will tell you in less than five minutes exactly what all of the problems are that are lurking, hidden, in the depths of the Registry of your machine.

It will then take no more than a further five minutes to apply Error Repair to fix everything that needs fixing, including ant lurking winlogon.exe errors. And, you will know that the repairs have been carried out properly and thoroughly, without further risk to your registry system.

Put this way, the easy method kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

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